Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Techonological Revolution

In this article Hamlin works with the idea the last century has been one in which there has been a fourth revolution-namely a technological revolution in the field of instruction. He sepertes the devolopments into three catagories, photographic processes, conservation and protection, and automation and the computer. It was interesting to note the very different opinions on the usefullness of the computers, espicially when comparted to the more widespread support of microform and its successors. I was wondering what people felt about the predicitons of Bush, who was pro-automation and Mason, who was anti-automation, and how they have come to true today if it all? Additionally as a precussor to Double Fold was the wide scale adoption of microform, film, and fiche as beneficial as argued? Finally as the article was written in 1981 I think that we have now experienced another technological revolution in the form of the internet.


Gillian D. said...

Microforms are a great temporary solution. They save tons of space and are easy to ship. However, as Baker talks about in Double Fold, the transferrence to microforms really loses a great deal of the original. Luckily we now have digitalization. More accesible, easily searchable. Still not the same as print and you don't have that lovely smell of old paper. I wonder if in time digitalization will be viewed as a "temporary solution" as well.

I do know that microforms are a pain to search and print offs from them are generally bad. You can ship an entire year's worth of an obscure magazine from the early 1900's in a small box though. That alone counts for something.

Kacie said...

In response to what Gillian said, I don't know if digitalization is going to be considered a 'temporary solution.' It just seems as though it is so easy to work with and easily accessible there really isn't a reason to be seeking out another "better" solution at this point. Who knows though, maybe tomorrow they will invent something completely new and great and everything I just said will be brushed aside.