Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Literacy 24/7: Where are the libraries?

A blurb in the Isthmus Daily Page connects with our ongoing discussion of the current and historical relationship between libraries, schools, and bookstores. Last weekend was the "Literacy 24/7" event was held at a local bookstore by the Madison Area Literacy Council:

[T]he 1440-minute long event featured marathon reading sessions at the west side Borders. Organized by the council as a fundraiser for its literacy programs, each hour was kicked off by ten minutes of out-loud literacy from a variety of guest readers, including Tammy Baldwin, Pleasant Rowland, and Dave Cieslewicz, not to mention a host of authors.

A quick visit to the MALC web site reveals only a cursory connection to local libraries for this non-profit group. Some of their upcoming events are being held at the Sun Prairie public library, but the MPL system seems totally absent. Surprising?

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Gillian D. said...

I know libraries advertised the event on their bulletin boards, but I think that was about it. I have gotten the sense during my time here that the outreach and joint programming that MPL does is rather limited. Was MPL involved with the book festival in the fall at all?