Tuesday, January 29, 2008


This is just a general exclamation of joy: I decided to sit in on this class partly because several of the readings I did for the Information and Labor class I took from Dr. Downey two three (argh!) years ago have become part of my mental furniture, coloring the way I think about my profession and its institutions.

I am just loving all the reading I've done so far for this course (and I will nerdily admit to being a week or so ahead in the reader), and I'm rearranging my mind to make room for more furniture!

Seriously, the Harris article and the reactions to it are pure unadulterated awesome. I hope we get a chance to talk through how some of the attitudes attributed to various parties (from donors to patrons to government to librarians themselves) persist in modern librarianship, because I was seeing an awful lot that feels familiar...

My apologies to everyone for the contentless post -- I'm just happy and wanted to share.

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Greg Downey said...

How dare you post something happy to the blog!