Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Welcome Stranger

In relation to today's conversation, I stumbled upon this wonderful and very recent report regarding library services to immigrants. I downloaded it (it takes a while) and it is fabulous. I am contacting the Urban Libraries Council to ask for a couple of copies for our class. Enjoy!

Released: January, 2008
Welcome Stranger: Public Libraries Build the Global Village

“In March 2007, The Urban Libraries Council conducted a survey of its members, gathering data on the ways in which urban public libraries are involved with the transition of immigrants into American life. The findings of the survey, augmented with data collected in another 2003 member survey, are summarized in this report. They show that urban public libraries are in the forefront of the effort to make their cities stronger by welcoming and integrating new residents from all over the world.

Download the full report at:

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