Thursday, March 09, 2006

Availability of popular Sage Library books

A quick follow-up on my comment about in class today (because I'm a bookselling geek, not because I don't think Amazon is a good proxy for current "cultural profile" of books). Of the four titles listed as "unavailable" from Amazon, all can be found at Warner's books appear to be scarce on the market, the single copy of Clay's title probably more indicative of the large number of titles she published. Note- the market for forgotten 19th century novelists is extremely small, so it is likely that many copies are uncatalogued, sitting lonely and dusty in boxes or on bargain shelves of used bookstores and resale shops. These sorts of books often come to booksellers in boxes from "grandpa's attic," along with old encyclopedias and Reader's Digest condensed books. Consequently, they are often rejected for purchase or warehoused.

1. A Brave Lady by "Miss Mulock"- 12 copies currently for sale, at reasonable prices.

2. For Another's Sin by Bertha M. Clay- none listed under pen-name Clay, one listed for $16.50 under author's real surname Braeme. Hundreds of copies of other titles by Clay are listed, 18 of them containing the word "Sin" or "Sins" in the title.

3. Diana by Susan Warner- 3 copies for sale, for $35, $45, and $150.

4. The Letter of Credit by Susan Warner- 3 copies for sale, for $100, $132, and $356.

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