Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Wiki update

The wiki is filling with some very interesting content. I have two requests as people post their tidbits of library history:

(1) Please leave "backlinks" at the top and bottom of each of your individual entries, corresponding to the areas of the wiki that your entry is connected to. For example, "Back to 1850s" and/or "Back to race/ethnicity issues in librarianship"

(2) Please add your name to the bottom of the front page of the wiki as an "author" so the whole world wide web can congratulate you.


Kelly said...

Should we be signing the articles we write or not?

Greg D. said...

Since, technically, wiki articles can be jointly produced by several people, that is probably not necessary -- someone could look at the "changes" log to see who contributed to each entry. But I'd like to showcase on the front page the fact that this was a group effort of over two dozen students.