Monday, March 20, 2006

Book selection: Running a Message Parlor

I've selected Gordon McShean's Running a Message Parlor: A Librarian's Medium-rare Memoir about Censorship because it reminds me of the "Radical Librarian" articles and it presents a librarian's view of the Swinging '60s/'70s and his struggle against the unhip censors from the DAR and John Birch Society.

This is probably also the only book about librarianship with a cartoon of a naked man on the cover.

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Gordon McShean said...

I am the author - I had to leave the US after publication, when US library positions were no longer offered. I obtained an academic post (with a journalism focus) at Massey University in New Zealand; libraries in NZ were just as censorious as in the US. I am now retired in NZ, and can be contacted by phone on 64 6 354 6416.