Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Library Bill of Rights

I'm just throwing this out there, but it sounds like the Library Bill of Rights is similar to a kind of legislation or constitution of some sort. Is there any sort of punishment though if libraries don't uphold these rights? It seems like there is a problem with the actual following through of ideas and organizations, despite the fact that they are "official" or in print. Their reality isn't always as effective as their ideals. Should their be some sort of accountability for libraries nationwide? or is this ridiculous?

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Jennifer Gile said...

I agree with Hannah. As someone who doesn't have that much background in library science, I've kind of been wondering about the accuracy of calling the Library Bill of Rights a "bill of rights." The terminology ties in with government legislature, and I just don't see many similarities. As far as a I know, there aren't any "library police" :) at work, and so I think something like "Library Code of Ethics" or something would be more appropriate. Bill of Rights seems kind of silly. Like Hannah, I'm curious to know if there are checks and balances and "accountability" as she puts it.